Who Really Needs Chiropractic?

The short answer? Everyone.


Children respond very positively to chiropractic care. Parents of infants who receive adjustments report that their babies have increased appetites, less crankiness, and better sleep patterns.

As early as the birth process children’s spines can become misaligned. The Activator instrument can be fine tuned to deliver an extremely gentle adjustment, making it the ideal chiropractic method for treatment of small children


As children grow up, they continue to benefit from chiropractic care. From the tumbles they take as toddlers to the bumps and bruises sustained on sports fields and playgrounds, youth experience frequent stress on their spines and joints. Regular chiropractic care helps prevent those injuries from becoming painful and persistent problems later in life.

A universal risk to children’s well-being is the improper toting of a backpack or purse. Injuries to the neck and spine caused by carrying heavy backpacks are on the rise for children of all ages. Doctors of Chiropractic are able to treat these injuries as well as instruct children on good posture and body mechanics to reduce the likelihood of a re-occurrence.


Unfortunately, most adults never had the benefit of regular chiropractic care as children. The accumulation of multiple insults to the spine and joints over time often results in painful symptoms and loss of function. Chiropractic helps to alleviate pain and restore normal function of the joints.



Still not sure how you might benefit? Give us a call today and find out.