Dr. Alexander chooses to work from an office in his home, making him uniquely accessible to his patients. He maintains a professional but relaxed atmosphere where patients and families are welcome. Your health concerns will not be treated as some medical mystery beyond your understanding. Instead, Dr. Alexander offers a sensible approach to giving your body what it needs to be healthy naturally!

Virtually all chiropractors advertise themselves to be caring and gentle doctors who use the most up to date techniques to address your health concerns. All DC’s attend challenging chiropractic colleges, pass state boards, and are required to stay current through continuing education. For the most part, they are exceptionally committed to their patients and their profession. Yet, if you have been treated by more than one doctor of chiropractic, you know there are big differences from one to another.

That is because the practice of chiropractic is both a science and an art.

Dr. Bruce Alexander has studied the science of chiropractic and developed the art of treating patients over his more than 25 years of practice. He has attained a vast base of knowledge about how the human body works and has developed a keen intuitive sense of how to apply that knowledge to patient care.

More important than the list of accolades the doctor has received is what you find out about the man himself. Dr. Alexander takes the time to address all of your health concerns. He listens to his patients and is genuinely interested in helping each one to be in the best health possible. He not only delivers excellent chiropractic care, but he also counsels patients
on nutrition and supplements, exercise, and lifestyle issues that affect the ability to live in ideal health. His desire is to see each person not just free of pain and disease, but living in true health-optimum function!

How can you know that Dr. Alexander’s experience sets him apart?

  • Dr. Alexander has attained the highest proficiency rating possible from Activator Methods Technique.
  • Dr. Alexander has served as an instructor of chiropractic technique at both the seminar and college level.
  • Area medical doctors refer their patients and family members to Dr. Alexander for treatment.
  • Other area chiropractors have brought their own family members to Dr. Alexander when they were in need of a breakthrough with their health issues.