Chiropractic Care as Sport Therapy

The uncommon stress an athlete puts on his or her body takes its toll over time and often results in injury. Left untreated, even the most innocent twinge can have major repercussions or become a chronic inhibition.

Dr. Alexander handles athletic treatment for sports related injuries including sprains, strains, jams, twists, pulls, and more. When the body is impacted the wrong way, the bones slip out of alignment; this puts stress on the body’s connective tissues, exponentially increasing the probability that ligaments and muscles become “pulled” or “strained.” Should an athlete sustain an injury, chiropractic treatments realign the bones allowing the body to heal quickly.

Concussions, too, require Chiropractic attention. When the head is impacted with extreme force, the neck is thrown out of alignment, potentially causing headaches and backaches long after the brain has healed. Proper treatment dissipates “concussion-like symptoms” quickly, significantly reducing an athlete’s time on the sidelines.


Chiropractic in Professional Sports

  • All 32 teams in the NFL have on-staff chiropractors on their teams of doctors as of the 2015 season
  • 28 of the 30 teams in the MLB employ a chiropractor
  • Most NBA and NHL teams employ an on-staff chiropractor or have one easily accessible on a demand-basis

Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cole Hamels, and hundreds of other athletes, both active and retired, swear by the benefits of chiropractic care.

A Brief History of Sports and Chiropractic by the Texas Chiropractic Association